Favorite Places

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Chesapeake Bay

Not mentioning Chesapeake Bay when talking about fishing in Maryland would be a major oversight. The Susquehanna River's shallow waters are a favorite fishing spot for stripers. The shoal harbors is just shy of being 10 miles long and can bring in some remarkable fishing.

Locally referred to as the Susqy Flats. Fishing these waters can be fruitful or an exercise futility. You will see local fisherman moving around a lot. Often times they are searching for slightly warmer waters if they are coming up empty. A note of caution the water can drop from four feet to ten feet quickly, so be careful when wading!

Potomac River

Located in the southern central part of Maryland, the Potomac river has gained a reputation as a place to fish for both smallmouth and bigmouth bass. In addition to the bass you will see people fishing for carp and panfish. One of the most popular places to gain access to this historic river is in Riverbend Park. You do not need a boat as the wading and floating can provide an incredible fishing experience! Be sure to check with regulations about what type of lure you can use. Some parts of the river are protected and you can only use artificial ones. Never try to skirt these rules as they are there to protect the river and streams that we love!

Savage River

The upper section of the Savage River may be one of my most favorite places to fish. It can be difficult to access, but if you are successful it id stocked with rainbow trout!
Also as an added bonus the Savage River State Forest may be some of the most beautiful land you will ever see.

Most people refer to the lower section (lower than the reservoir) as the tailrace. Keep in mind the the brookies in this area are protected ( so catch and release). Just below the reservoir you will find an area managed as Fly Fishing Only Trout Management Area. The place lives up to its name! Just Fly Fishing and you can only use artificial flies. Be aware that along Savage River there are people that have built their houses and it is private property, so be respectful!

Big Gunpowder Falls River

This area is very attractive for a lot of people because it is located near the city of Baltimore. One of the most scenic and beautiful destinations for fisherman and outdoors man. Roughly 8 miles of a river this is considered to be a wild stream that allows people to keep two fish only. Just further downstream the lake is stocked with 7,000 rainbow trouts a year! Most people are going to access this by way of Masemore Road.

Why Fly Fish?

Many consider fly fishing to be the purest form of fishing

  • You don't need a lot of equipment
  • You get a new respect for nature
  • Every experience is completely new

The benefits

Instead of paying outrageous gym membership fees, make mother nature your sanctuary

  • Possibly the best meditation in the world
  • You get to explore...like a kid
  • you are truly in the moment