Who We Are?

David Keith Wills

Fly fishing is incredible, fly fishing in Maryland is closest thing  to Zen for fisherman

Having been born and raised in Maryland, David has had the opportunity to explore the lakes, rivers and streams with a fly rod. 

One of the great things about Maryland for the fisherman is that it is roughly 22% water!  This is like gold to fisherman because you can experience both saltwater and freshwater fishing.  All manner of fly fishing is available from secluded banks to open water.

If you are willing to do a little exploring Maryland can be a hidden gem that is often overlooked.

Extraordinary Experiences

When it comes to fly fishing, Maryland has an embarrassment of riches!

I believe that there are few things as perfect as fly fishing.  It is simple to learn the basics, but can take a lifetime to perfect.  When you catch your first fish it is a marriage of mindfullness and physical execution that few experiences can match!

Our Core Values

Often times how someone fishes is a good indicator in how they live

  • Leave the place the same way you found it
  • Respect the Beauty and Majesty of nature
  • We share a place with all living things